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Michael Eugene Barnett was born in San Bernardino, California, on August 19, 1958, the first son of Gilbert Eugene (1935-2009) and Glenda Jean (Brady) Barnett (1937-).  His siblings are Gerald Wayne Barnett (b. Jan. 1960), James Edward Barnett (b. May, 1961), and David Lee Barnett (b. May. 1963).  As a child, he lived in San Bernardino, Rialto California, then moved to Lafayette, Indiana, at the age of thirteen.  His father was an instrument specialist, his mother a homemaker, then selling BeeLine clothes, a secretary, and then a restaurant manager.’s assistant.  He lived just outside of Lafayette through his junior year in high school, moved to Williamsport, Indiana just before his senior year, graduated in 1977, and received a full scholarship to Purdue University.

He was a walk on to the track team, becoming one of three pole vaulters, and started classes for Electrical Engineering. After his sophomore year, he suddenly got tired of school and enlisted in the Air Force. He was at San Antonio within a week of his decision.

He and his wife Michelle, who met while he was in San Antonio in 1979, were married in July 1979.  They lived in New York for three years, then back to San Antonio as a teacher. He enrolled at St. Mary's to finish his degree he never finished at Purdue. During all those years, he loved to write, but never did it seriously. Instead, he read a book a week, or what they could afford. During that time, he was fixing copiers, then later, computers.

He took a job in the Dallas area in 1989 as an engineer, then in 1996 took a job as a sales software engineer.  In 2005, he became a Vice President of a financial institution.

In 2009 his father died after a prolonged illness. While at the viewing and funeral in Indiana, family he hadn't seen in years talked about all of those long ago memories, with a longing of those past years and a more carefree time. Not long after that, his brother Gerald began talking about the idea of him writing a book. He didn't take it serious, knowing what it would require, and not having the patience or stamina. Gerald persisted more months, and finally he relented and started the book, Eden Fading, an autobiography of the family from 1961 through 1967. He just released his second book in March of 2012, called, When Earthlings Weep. This book is pure science fiction with good and evil, humans and aliens, and the destruction of worlds.

His ancestry is German, English, Scottish, and French; he’s 6’. He is a member of the National Honor Society, an Eagle Scout, A Hoosier Scholar, and a member of the National Engineering Society.

Michael lives in Texas with his wife and mother, and four dogs: three labs, and a chihuahua to rule them.